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Clicking: 16 Trends to Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your Business; Faith Popcorn, Hardcover, $20.80

Build a World Wide Web Commerce Center: Plan, Program, and Manage Internet Commerce for Your Company by Net.; Genesis Corporation, Paperback, $26.96

Cybermarketing Essentials for Success; Craig Settles, Paperback, $22.46

Guerilla Marketing Online Weapons : 100 Low-Cost, High-Impact Weapons for Online Profits and Prosperity; Jay Conrad Levinson, Paperback, $11.65

World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Internet into Your Marketing Strategy; Jim Sterne, Paperback, $19.96

Marketing on the Internet: A Proven 12-Step Plan for Promoting, Selling, and Delivering Your Products and Services to Millions over the Information Superhighway; Michael Mathiesen, Paperback, $35.96

Cyberwriting: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (Without Being Flamed); Joe Vitale, Paperback, $15.16

The 10 Secrets for Web Success: What It Takes to Do Your Site Right; Bryan Pfaffenberger, Paperback, $17.96

Build a Web Site: The Programmer's Guide to Creating, Building and Maintaining a Web Presence (Practical Programming); Devra Hall(Editor), Paperback, $31.46

Creating Killer Web Sites: The Art of Third-Generation Site Design; David Siegel, Paperback, $40.00

Creating Great Web Graphics; Laurie McCanna, Paperback, $22.36

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information; Edward R. Tufte, Hardcover, $36.00

Database Publishing on the Web & Intranets; Curt Lang, Paperback, $35.99

Designing Large-Scale Web Sites: A Visual Design Methodology; Darrell Sano, Paperback, $27.96

Free Stuff from the World Wide Web/Your Guide to Getting Hundreds of Valuable Goodies; Patrick Vincent, Paperback, $22.49

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